Your sleep problem is complex but the solution doesn't have to be.

We help you optimize your environment to maximize your sleep quality so you’ll wake up to a fuller life.

Our smart home device is your toolkit to empower a self-diagnose and self-prescribe sleep improvement program that doesn’t depend on medication.

Greater clarity
Increased focus
Improved health

Make a smarter room
for better sleep.

Each person is unique.

Sleep quality involves multiple variables from light, sound, temperature, and humidity. Our technology will help you gain deeper understanding to your specific needs so you can lessen their dependancy on medication.

Do you find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep?
Do you find it hard to wake up in the morning?
Or struggle with focusing and concentration during the day?
Do you know how to optimize your sleep environment?

If so, we'd like to help

We would love to hear from your first hand experience.

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About Us. We are a Vancouver company developing an innovative IoT based solution for sleep aid.

We are partnering with Simon Fraser University (SFU) professors, researchers and engineers to create our first device that can help people improve their sleep and increase mental clarity as needed.

Our Vision. To utilize AI and smart home technology to optimize your home for quality sleep.

We believe that not everyone needs sleep medication and for those who don’t, they have us.

Our Mission. To become the brand that synchronize your personal uniqueness with the power of Internet of Things.

Be a part of the process

Do you have trouble sleeping? We would love to hear from your first hand experience.