April 9, 2021

Dream Cantec’s DREAM Device Enters Testing Phase

VANCOUVER, Apr. 09, 2021DreamCantec Systems Inc. (DCS) is pleased to report that its collaborative research project with Simon Fraser University’s School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering has completed a prototype for its DREAM device and will begin user testing. This is another major milestone in DCS’s journey to optimize sleep quality so that people feel well rested and live a full life.

DREAM Device Prototype Completed

The partnership between Dream Cantec Systems Inc. and SFU to develop this prototype has been very much a team effort. DCS has focused on providing insights on end user experience, market research, and business model validation while the SFU team has provided technical expertise in the development of the prototype.

“The completion of the prototype and market research has marked one of the most important milestones for our product development. Our team has shown great commitment during the pandemic to actualize the goal of making a smarter room for better sleep."
– Tuyen Do Nang, CEO of Dream Cantec Systems Inc.

The research team’s focus has been on developing a device that monitors user sleep quality and the sleep environment without interfering with sleep. We have been able to develop a convenient prototype that requires minimal setup and interaction so that the user can focus on getting to sleep. As we go through user testing, we will continue to optimize the overall design and sleep quality measurement.

Focus Shifts to User Testing

With the DREAM device prototype completed, we can now begin a phase of data collection and user testing to verify the reliability of sleep data and optimize for user comfort. A lot of the decisions in our development have been based on the tradeoffs between user comfort and reliability of data and by obtaining natural sleep data, we will understand how close we are to commercializing a revolutionary product that will enable people to create an optimized sleep environment.

Integration of data is the future of optimized living

Current consumer devices focus solely on either user sleep patterns or the sleep environment [1]. Dream Cantec’s DREAM device is the first to collect data from both to provide enhanced insights on how to create a unique sleep environment optimized for the user.

Depending on our bodies and how we were raised, we are uniquely affected by different elements of the sleep environment such as light, sound, and temperature [2]. By analyzing sleep quality conveniently through a non-invasive method and relating it to the user’s bedroom environment, we can communicate how much sleep users need to get each night and how to optimize their bedroom for a better sleep. For example, a user can adjust the temperature or incorporate either noise or light therapy to help them fall asleep quicker for more rest each night.

“Sleep is an important part of human life and many people undervalue the importance of a good quality sleep. Technology has made assessing our health available to the public and as it continues to advance, it will only become better over time. Leading to more awareness of one’s health needs and an overall healthier life so people can live a more engaging and active life while awake.”
–  Dominic Jaworski, PhD Candidate, SFU School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering.

Over the long term we see Dream Cantec’s DREAM device as one of suite of integrated internet of things (IoT) solutions that users can use to monitor their health and live full lives.

About Dream Cantec Systems Inc.

DreamCantec Systems Inc is focused on optimizing sleep quality so people can feel well rested and live a full life. As daily life becomes busier with work and hobbies, people are making less time for sleep and this could lead to unproductive days and health issues from not enough restful sleep. Dream Cantec Inc. is focused on using IoT technology to help people track their sleeping patterns and bring users a smarter bedroom for better sleep.


Contact information

Tuyen Do Nang


Email: Conact@dreamcantec.com

Address: 420 – 744 West Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C,V6C 1A5

Website: www.dreamcantec.com


[1] Sleep Gadgets.io, “Sleep Gadgets Product Guides”, Sleep Gadgets,https://sleepgadgets.io/product-guides/, Accessed April 2021.

[2] Healthwise Staff, “Sleep and Your Body Clock”, Healthlink BC, https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/health-topics/uz2304, May28, 2019.

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